Game of Thrones TV Wildlings didn’t act Wild Enough

They acted quite lame in my opinion. They should have been called the lamelings, or the tamelings instead. They held formalities and were very civilized. They hardly yelled and talked mostly in conversational tones. They talked in a calm manner about how wild they could be but barely acted out in any alarming ways.

The only time when I actually saw something wild and spontaneous occur with a Wildling was when the red beard guy killed the skeleton mask guy abruptly. This occurred where they were overrun by the white walkers. But every other scene with Wildlings seemed bordering on civil.

They all dressed the same. They didn’t seem to have any fights amongst each other at their camps. They seemed to settle on looking at each other funny at times. They might try to give a crazy stare or something. There was rarely a feeling that they were performing in a manner that lived up to their culture.

When I watched a behind the scenes episodes, they said the red beard guy was told to tone it down a little bit. He acted too crazy for the directors. This seems odd to me that they would make the decision to portray Wildlings as somewhat civilized people. Are they not trying to make this movie series entertaining and believable?

With all the killing in the TV, it still falls short of the potential that the richness of history has to offer to for gore. Fighting was more bloody in real life and emotions were stirred up more as a result. I think the directors tried to make up for the gore with magic and camera angles and distances. They may have wanted us to perceive more than they were willing to portray.

So the rhetoric says that the Wildlings were very wild and hated each other. Even though one fell in love with Jon Snow and the others quickly accepted that. I still can’t believe that she was not mad about her two best friends getting killed by Snow. It’s like she forgot they existed after they died. She most likely hung out with two people she liked and they both got killed. She would have more likely plotted the murderers revenge rather than warm up to Jon Snow.

Kit Harrington said that if he was really Jon Snow, he would have never left his girl and stayed with the Lamelings. It makes sense for him to say that because the Wildlings really acted as civilized as many American Confederate Flag waiving Rebels. They still engage in conversation when they are not too worked up about an hot topic issue.

The Wildlings maybe were trying to prove that they were actually civilized instead. They wanted to get over that wall so bad and could never take it by force. They probably learned that if they ask more nicely and civilized to pass through, that might help. Showing some etiquette can get a person a lot further in life rather than acting like a rampaging beast.


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