When Economy is Good, People Live Closer to One Another, But….

When times are bad, people need space between their neighbors. That space is usually desired for farming and gardening lifestyles -agrarian agriculture. If there is no decent hourly work, then people will need to make better, more efficient use of the ground they walk on. This will lead them to desiring more open space for their homesteading work.

The transition throughout the 1900s has been people moving into larger cities and abandoning the country lifestyles. They could do this because there was a lot of decent paying work available in the cities. The push-pull factors made city living more appealing, particularly for younger people. But times have changed.

China is still realizing the American Dream where many youth are moving into cities and living in cramped apartments. The money is mostly good, so they stay. They can tolerate annoying neighbors if they believe they can make enough money to live comfortably when they are older. But if they lose their job, then life becomes less tolerable in a cramped city.

Big cities are becoming more intolerable to Americans in the post boom years. As wages get squeezed more and more from inflation, people find tighter budgets will make other cramped conditions feel even worse. The stress of no future savings plus intolerable current conditions can make for very poor lifestyles.

The country lifestyle can look more appealing. If you can’t afford to buy much while living in the city, then it makes sense to some to live in the country and not be able to afford much. Its better to walk away from those luxury items and not see them in the country. Your mind will be more at ease that way, and you can learn to live again in a more economical way.


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