No Successful Person was ever raised by a fat mom

The fat mom has enough trouble carrying her own weight, let alone carrying a single child. She will struggle with her own physical problems which set up a child to fail harder than normal at learning to make the most use of their own physical body. Children of fat moms learn how to lumber through movements just like their fat moms.

Even if the kid manages to be some skinny wretch of a human being, they will lack any physical strength. The sugar that the fat moms feed them does not repair broken down muscle. Somehow the skinny kids of fat moms learn to push through the sugar drugs by going into fits and tantrums, which help burn off that excess drug, but leaving a lot of sludge in its wake. Without proper nutrients, sugsr extracts always digest U cleanly.

Fat moms are more likely to drop their kids more as their stomachs get in the way. If the mom had to squat down to pick up their child, they also have to pick up their own weight, which isn’t always easy. The fat mom develops a heavier and different concentration of gravity. Like women who walk different when they have big boobs, a fat woman walks different with a large stomach.

If the fat mom sleeps with her baby, she is more likely to kill the baby if she rolls on it. A slender mom is less likely to kill her baby by rolling on it. A fat mom will step harder on the ground and has a greater chance to break a babies bones if an accident occurs. Plus, the fat mom requires more strength to maintain her balance (which she generally lacks).

Fat moms will have very poor strength to weight ratios. They are less likely to escape dangers. In fact their weight can also put them at more risk of being in danger as well. Not only are they going to be slow in movement, but the sludge inside their bodies will be circulate at a reduced level as well. They live in constant crisis mode due to the health problems they suffer. I don’t understand how doctors can sanely call fat women healthy.

A fat mom is more likely to die of a sudden death than a slender mom. They have a lower than average life expectancy. That means the child is at risk of losing their mom at an earlier age.  This can either be a blessing or a curse. It depends on how much the fat mom is addicted to legalized sugar extracts.


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