It’s been a number of months since I stepped foot in a job center

For a while when I travelled to a new city, I made sure to know where the local job center was. But it was getting depressing as I came up with nothing every time. I felt I was being led down rabbit holes at those job centers. So I stopped going to them and accepted being poor. 

Then I started looking for the food banks. I feel much better about myself when I can get to a food bank at the right time and get paid in free food immediately. My self confidence is greatly improved when I don’t have to fear starvation. The job centers make me feel like they would rather have me starving while looking for work.

I hate to compare the two different institutions. I should be looking for both in each town I visit. They offer different functions. I even made a mental note to try and look for the job centers, but I have failed. I much better about myself by living like a bum and hunting for the food banks. If this was the 1800s I probably would have a gun with me all the time hunting for animals to eat. Instead, I focus on the food banks.

How can I feel good about myself at those dreaded job centers? I been to them hundreds of times and get the same results. I have never gotten a job from any of them after all the hours I spent searching for work in them. It feels utterly hopeless and insane to even try anymore. It’s like beating my head against a wall and expecting different results.


2 thoughts on “It’s been a number of months since I stepped foot in a job center

  1. I hope you die….that would be a much better end result rather than you mooching off the system! Please try and kill yourself before its too late.

    thank you!

    ps. jack off before you die to save room in the casket.

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