Overheard a Mom Scold Her Son for taking pics of a TV Presentation

He was a young kid of about 10. I don’t think there is a problem with taking pictures of pictures. She said it doesn’t show up good. But maybe it doesn’t need to show up perfectly for him. He wanted to take a picture of how logging operations work. There were some interesting videos on logging.

Lots of people are taking pictures of pictures and duplicating the same media a lot these days. It has gotten easier. With the introduction of memes, people may be getting more comfortable with seeing the same images over and over again. They see how easy it is to surf through the same kinds of pictures that other people have repeatedly copied.

What’s wrong with taking your own picture of another picture and using it for yourself? I see pics of people taking pics of TV shows on their TV. Most illegal movies seem to be made by people recording in the movie theater. If the technology is there and easy to use, then people will want to play with it.


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