I used to record The Simpsons episodes on VHS tapes back in the 1990s

im not sure what happened to those tapes, let alone the VCR I played them on. I certainly enjoyed watching the Simpsons repeatedly. There was something fast paced and witty about the early seasons that kept me watching. Even though I’m familiar with each episode, I still could never anticipate which humorous scene came next.

I refused to pay for cable TV and only watched free TV. This was in Barksdale Air Base, Louisiana. The only show that was worth watching for free was the Simpsons, in my opinion,, and I believe they came on at 5 pm every day on Fox. I always looked forward to that time. I had my own TV and VCR mostly for The Simpsons.

I think I recorded about 8 full tapes, which was probably an hour and a half each tape. I didn’t watch many movies on the VCR, just mostly the Simpsons. I was a Simpsons fanatic. You might say I was addicted to the show. I don’t feel that my addiction affected my job performance too much. Although, I do recall getting in trouble with a Sergeant for quoting a Simpsons line.

My mom said she hated The Simpsons. She gave a reason like they are a corruption on the mind or something. She refused to watch them, but she didn’t stop us kids from watching the show, unless she had to watch something else at the time. So, I was able to watch some episodes early on in about 1991 or so, maybe 92. They were a hit, certainly.

I brought my VHS tapes over to Kadena Air Base in Japan about 1996. There was no more free Fox channel over there. You had to pay for cable TV, which refused to do. So, I was left with the Simpsons tapes I already had. I played them quite frequently too. It was about the one entertainment I relied on over there. The free TV was terrible. It was mostly military related free tv and news.


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