Black People Don’t Like to Wear Clothes, that’s why they wear low pants

everybody has probably looked at the National Geographic depictions of Africans. We see a lot of nudity. Those Africans are very comfortable with being naked in their environment and culture. The same goes for most blacks. They would rather walk around naked in the sun all day if they had it their way.

General Butt Naked would kill people while naked in Africa.

There was an account of naked slaves surrounding their fair-skinned female master in 1774 (Virginia) or so: “They will have a number of blacks about them, all naked, nothing to hide their nakedness. I am surprised this does not hurt the feelings of this fair sex to see these young boys of about 14 and 15 years old to attend them … And I can assure you it would surprise a person to see these d–d black boys how well they are hung.”

-from, “The Campaign That Won America”

When I watched a talk TV show once, there was a black porn star in the audience who commented that he felt uncomfortable wearing clothes. He was comfortable enough to express his feelings in a crowd of people on TV like that.

Black people who do wear American clothes in Africa really don’t need them. Why do we bother sending clothes to them? I never heard a good reason for them to get clothes sent to them. It seems largely to be a European etiquette that makes us believe that all human beings need to be clothed. It is a sign of being civilized and a step away from savagery in many people’s eyes. But there are barbarians who also dress in suits and ties.

Homeless bums, who dress in a suit and tie nicely tend to get more donations, especially if they ask for a specific amount. I believe that only works one time. The next day when people see that guy out again, he will probably get questioned about it. Clothes only fool the people once until they catch on.

Black people have the best protection against sun rays. I sometimes wish I was black to deal with this terrible sun. I wouldn’t mind being able to strip off my clothes to the sun, feeling the air on my body and not having to worry about sunburns. I have suffered a lot of bad, itchy painful sunburns in my life too.

When a racial trait for the people is that the sun doesn’t harm them, then why should they have to wear clothes? What is so wrong about the sight of skin? I think it’s largely a marketing campaign by clothes manufacturers. Since making clothes is cheap and they can markup the prices 400% there is a lot of money to be made with woven cotton. FUBU made a lot of money selling clothes to black people.

Wearing low pants is the least that black people can do as their protest against clothes continues. This heat wave causes people to question why wearing clothes is important even more so. Black people came from many generations that didn’t wear clothes. It’s clear that the early slaves tended to be naked and comfortable with themselves. How can you suffer when you have the genetics to stay cooler in the hot sunny weather?

Life is different in the north though. People start wearing more clothes to keep warm. White people still cannot produce enough heat to go naked outside in the freezing temperatures. We have learned to adapt through innovation in the clothing manufacturing. This has developed our perceptions about naked people as being a little different. Who is really right about the clothing debate? It depends on our culture and the environments we live in.

I have to grow my hair longer to protect my ears from the sun. Does a black person concern themselves with this behavior? No!


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