History: U.S. National Song was Written for a Different Flag -not the current flag of 50 stars

Why people want to shit on the rebel flag and disregard how the American Flag has changed meaning is beyond me. A flag is creative art work to represent a territory or common interest. To break down those commonalities and attack the people who support the culture is an insult to those people. How much should we really rally behind a flag that keeps changing through the years?

This is the flag that the National song was written for in 1814. It no longer exists as a useful symbol, but the song remains for some reason. Just look at the lyrics, “Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.” The artist is saying that the above flag was “still there”. He is not talking about our modern flag, which has a different meaning:

The current version of our flag has only been around since 1960, which is well after 1812. It has changed to add extra stars of conquest over the years. As of today, it’s hard to add more stars to the American flag without looking like power-mongers. So the flag stands in stagnation with it’s current form. So, while we remain stagnated in our current form, politicians get bored and decide to go on the attack against other flags.

The Confederate Flag was just a battle flag for the south. But then people started to reinterpret history and calling it a racist slave flag. There is a difference between the military intentions and what the slave owners were flying as their flags. The flag was rejected as a national flag.

People may not understand how wars were fought many years ago. They used flags as communication devices. The flag was one of the easiest symbols to see so you could orient your behavior on the battlefield. The modern military doesn’t fight like that anymore with their GPS and use of other communication devices, like the phone.

Why do lumberjacks wear red flannel shirts? So they can be easier to spot in the woods. This is why this flag has so much red in it as a part of its design. It is much easier to spot the color red from a distance than brown, for example.

Notice how there were just as many stars in the Confederate flag as there were in the older version of the National flag.



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