Sleep Deprivation makes Me Fear People

This is a great study that came out about how our fears are influenced by our sleep.

I don’t make the best decisions while tired. i also don’t make the best decisions while too hot, too cold, hungry, in pain, thirsty and so on. Meeting all of my basic needs can aid me in making better decisions. So, to call a certain subjugated class of citizens as stupid does not credit them for the circumstances that they are enduring.

In fact, in this library as I’m writing, I feel like falling asleep. Unfortunately, I can’t just start jumping around to wake myself up. Nor can I lay on the floor and get sleep. There are certain cultural implications for deviating outside of the norm. I have to follow the common behaviors required of me in the library whether I’m tired or not.

Sleep deprivation is largely a cultural thing. When other animals get tired, they will lay on the ground whereever they feel like. They also will poop and pee anywhere too. But humans, we have certain responsibilities to uphold. We have to make clear that we aren’t wild animals too and live more civilized, even when sleep deprived.

If I didn’t want to feel so tired, maybe I shouldn’t be drinking this catnip tea. I might be doing it to myself.



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