I Stole an iPod Nano from a Homeless Person

I rifled through their bag looking at various things they kept in it. I looked at everything. It was very easy to access. In fact, the bag sat right on a picnic table, unmoved for over a day. What homeless person would leave their bag sitting around for so long?

I found mostly garbage in their bag and tossed 90% of it in the trash. They had an unusually large amount of health supplements. I think they might have been suffering from something.

I didn’t expect to find much of anything with value, but then I happened upon their iPod Nano with 16 gigs of memory. I plugged the Nano into my computer and found about 30 songs, mostly religious, but one familiar, “Smooth Operator”.

I have the homeless persons spy book, written in 2011. They wrote notes in this book, like dyeing hair doesn’t work, in their opinion. I guess they needed to make a note of that themselves. They wrote it next to the suggestion for wearing wigs to change your appearance.

Either way, I believe the Nano to be the highest value item in their bag. The rest is trash. I hope they are alright. Why did they abandon their camping bag like this? I feel a little guilty about looking through it, but it has been sitting around the parking lot for a couple days. Someone else must have moved it to the picnic table and looked through it themselves.

The homeless person couldn’t use their Nano unless they plugged it into a computer. I had to restore it because of an error message. t works fine and was well taken care of. I threw the ear buds in the garbage though, they were the older model. I don’t believe that apple still sells to older model ear buds anymore.


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