Illegal Dumpers are Worse than Dumpster Divers because they care more about shuffling garbage

I watched another couple pull their vehicle up to a businesses unlocked dumpster and throw a few bags of their trash in it. They had to wait until after 10pm to throw their trash away. Also, I’m guessing that trash day is Tuesday for this business neighborhood. An illegal dumper would pay closer attention to the trash pick up days.

These illegal dumpers are in Castle Rock. They dumped their trash in the American Legion dumpster the night before trash pick up. I have noticed other similar situations in other cities as well. For example in Raymond, while I hung out in the parking lot of an urgent care building, I noticed a young couple throwing a big heavy box of trash into their dumpster, then drove off.

People are shuffling their trash around like Saddam was hiding his nuke warheads. They develop a learned behavior to try and spread out their trash amongst other businesses. Although, there have been many criminal cases with dumpster babies too. Not every dumpster baby gets discovered, especially with professional dump artists who know how the trash works.

Just look at the Sopranos leader, Tony Soprano. He was in the sanitation business as a cover for his illegal activities. He knew how to get rid of dead bodies, and you can sure bet that mixing the dead in with garbage will raise your likelihood of getting away with the crime. Let the garbage man carry away your dead body for you.

In real life, there are plenty of businesses that spread their toxic garbage around illegally. Many get cited fines, but that is only when they get caught. The owner of Menards, John Menard has been caught and cited multiple times for illegally dumping paint down a drain that led to streams and rivers. He developed a strong reputation for illegally disposing of all kinds of hazardous waste. He is the richest man in Wisconsin and he couldn’t find a better way to dump his garbage. What does that say about the lower classes in society?

I was busted for illegally dumping in another dumpster. I had some identifying receipts in my garbage bag, which made it easy for the cops to find and question me. You see, there were 2 dumpsters next to each other. Since one was full, I put my garbage in the other one -the wrong one (oops). But when the cop asked me if I did it, I said no. I said I placed my trash next to the full one and someone must have picked it up and placed it in the wrong dumpster instead. I completely denied throwing my trash in the wrong dumpster and the cops had no confession. They needed me to confess to it to get a ticket. They had to let it go, and I learned a lesson from that experience.

Unfortunately, trash builds up and stresses people out. Some of them get desperate to do whatever they can to get rid of it. And so we are left with doing the trash shufle every week.

It’s unfortunate that packaging has to be so ornate, bulky, full of stuffing and so on. It’s too bad that every has to own a new TV and microwave. We generate a lot of trash because of our greed. The result is record-breaking garbage growing every year.


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