Hot and Dry Castle Rock with its Brown Grasses is insufferable in Washington

The whole Pacific Northwest has taken a major beating. Without any care-taking the grasses left on their own all died.It’s almost like a dust bowl. But, I haven’t heard about any major water shortages for the area. Some people still have very green grasses in their yards with their watering routines.

This is a very extreme summer around here. I am having trouble dealing with it. But, it might still be a little better than Wisconsin summers. The reason is because the air is a little drier here compared to Wisconsin. It’s very hard to get cool in Wisconsin, even at night. The heat has a tendency to linger on through the night in the humid weather.

The nights on the Pacific Northwest bring a little more cool weather. But not just that, mosquitoes are practically nonexistent, so I can open my car windows as much as I want without those pesky insect flying in. When I slept in my car in Wisconsin, i could only allow enough of a crack in my windows for a few sheets of papers to slide through. I opened every window, cracked every door partially open and also unlatched the hatchback door just a little bit.


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