Using Semen as a Weapon; what can a victim do to protect themselves?

depending on the circumstances, semen can either be used as a vicious attack against somebody or a blessing on your family. We hear about all the positive benefits of semen in that it contains as much data as a computer, or that it’s a health supplement to consume. But there also is a dark side to semen in that people will spite others with it in odd ways.

In general, semen is what keeps humanity moving along. No matter what the same-sex couples will have us believe with test tube babies and cloning, there is no better way to make more humans. Nobody is going to live forever, so it’s very essential to still use semen in positive ways.

Despite all the positive benefits from semen, the producers of it are in direct competition with each other for the ladies. Either a female may have a man on the side who fathers her next born, or if there is a group orgy and semen from many different males race to the females egg. There is a lot of subversions, trickery and fleet of swiftness between the semen to produce the next child.

Because semen is held up to such high regard, some people use that as the crux of their behavior. They know how easily it is produced, as special as it is, and are willing to waste it on ventures that will disturb others. I have seen terrible pictures and stories on 9Gag involving the illicit use of semen that causes you to question the posters sanity. For example, one guy posted a picture of a pizza box that looked like it was full of a cheesy substance. He said it was his cum and he was saving it up for over three years. I think he placed it in the freezer to preserve it. Every time he came, he pulled out his pizza box to use as a dump grounds.

Another guy showed us a picture of a shirt he was wearing that had a lot of stains that looked like semen. He said it was his masturbation shirt of a couple years. He decided to put it on and model it for a pic. His face was cut out. I was astounded to see something like this. How do some people live in such filth?

When I was in the military, a sergeant told me he could fill a shampoo bottle with his semen. Backstory is that we were station in the Middle East and didn’t have much else to do besides guarding Air Force equipment. A lot of guys decided to start weightlifting and taking supplements while in the desert. A lot of them got jacked up and you know their testosterone levels increased along with their muscles. They caused themselves to think more about sex when access to sex was less available. I thought it was interesting when he said he could fill a shampoo bottle, a redhead girl was sitting next to him. He was a redhead himself. I think they were having a lot of fun with each other that day. Redheads tend not to be very politically correct.

So, with using semen as a way to gross people out as one means, other people may not find that to be enough of an assault. I once read about how a girl got back at her ex bf by cooking him something special. She added a special ingredient, which was her new bf semen. She made a video and showed how she prepared the meal. I’m sure that must have been a special moment as the ex was taking bite after bite, complementing her on her skills and then realizing what had just happened.

There are stories of males injecting their semen into food of roommates or coworkers and watching them eat it. Some criminal complaints have been filed. Usually, it’s the criminal complaints where I find out about these crazy stories. Men may brag about what they had done or maybe the victim notices something odd that alerts them to the problem.

The important thing to know is that semen is being used everyday and not always being properly taken care of. Whether a mom finds stained clothes from her son in the laundry, or someone slips and falls in the bathroom from a gooey substance. Or even a pet carrying an unusual substance on them. There are many ways that cum is being transferred. 

You just have to stay alert to unusual people and circumstances to avoid being the victim of a explicit cum attack. Many of us saw The Silence of the Lambs where cum was thrown on the girl. That may seem very obvious, but is not quite as likely to be seen in real life. Although, there are people who make acid attacks in broad daylight. But there is no DNA to be found in acid though. It’s the DNA that may dissuade more cum throwing from happening.

Although monkeys have been caught on video throwing their feces. As long as something can be picked up by hand, it can also be throw as well.


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