Almost every Planet Fitness Exercise Station is another place to sit

All I see is machines to sit on, just looking from the outside. This has to be the laziest kind of gym ever built. How people think they are getting fit here is an illusion of their ignorance. The majority of the people who I see walk around, in and out, of the gym don’t look any healthier than other pedestrians.

There is a disconnect that Planet Fitness is focusing on to generate profits. They claim to be the, “judgement free zone”. Well, just because you say that is what should be happening, it absolutely is. In fact, I want to judge the people even harder here out of spite. They are not immune to judgements because no one ever is.Planet Fitness claims, “no gymtimidation”. What a stupid word they made up. All I see in that word is “timid” because that is the kind of people this gym caters to with their stupid “lunk alarms” and tight spaces. They want to keep annoying people out of the gym so they can cram as many people into a tight space as much as they can.

A gym needs a lot of space for people to feel freely to move about. But because gyms are privately owned, the gym owners will squeeze out as much money as they can in the tightest space possible. Even though Plamet Fatnuss offers membership for only $10 per month, it is a very confined space. Think of Colombian prisons. They pack in as many people as they can and let them fight it out for elbow space.

Perhaps you can choose a good time when fewer crowd the gym. But you are looking at very odd times to exercise and you may not get much value with pff time exercises. The most ideal time to exercise is around noon for many. That is when you can expect the gym to be at its fullest.


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