I Judge a Neighborhood by How Friendly the Cats are

Walking through a neighborhood south of the Three Rivers Mall in Kelso, WA I pet 2 cats. I didn’t have to coax them much either. Cats learn to be friendly by their interactions with people. Most of the time a cat will run and hide. Sometimes it may take alot of encouragement to pet a cat, and rarely, it seems, a cat will let you pet it without any resistance.

This neighborhood is very entertaining to walk through once. Each property has some different arrangement bordering on the ridiculous and goofy, but not offensive. The people don’t arrange their living conditions like college kids as they care for their yard vegetation. Although, many people don’t quite mow their lawns all that frequently.

  • They all seem to work odd jobs as you see by the types of things they collect and put on display in their yards.
  • They all seem to have their own ideas on what good landscaping is.
  • Most of them have some kind of fence
  • There’s at least one broken down vehicle on each block

Some of the homes are abandoned.


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