Why Should I Have to Pay for Everything I Look at and Touch?

How much does it cost to watch trees grow? This cost and charge society has gone too far. Does the sun seriously have an economic value? I don’t think it will listen to anybody who offers it any money. Volcanoes won’t stop erupting if you try to pay them off. You can’t bribe the rains to come.

Money is very limited in its power. It seems to be entirely limited to man-made inventions. We can only place arbitrary prices on the things we make. But we are so confused about costs these days, because people don’t value things in the same way. I would rather walk away from a lot of addictive businesses, while someone else may want to throw themselves into the addiction and get sick for themselves.

We are living much different lifestyles today than over 100 years ago. Those free services that people take advantage of today may not have existed 100 years ago. for example, the internet was not around back then. People learned to live without it. I make the choice to use the internet if it’s free, but I’m prepared to live without it if I have to pay for it. People adapt in their ability to pass information around. The internet is not the end all, be all to communication. What really drives the internet is simply people talking to other people.

How much should a conversation cost? I would pay for that as much as I pay for the service from the sun.



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