What is better to have? A herd of buffalo or an iPod 6 Phone?

As our technology becomes more advanced, the living species become less numerous and advanced. I think we have crossed that happy medium balance of tech and nature when humans first landed on the moon. Although, I suspect we may have crossed the balance even before that. It takes time for us to notice changes and patterns developing.

So, instead of telling the differences between raccoons, we are forced to look at the difference between human races. The conflicts used to be more about man vs other animals until humans became the most dangerous animals. Now we pit each other against other humans in sporting events, wars, conflicts, battles, championships and so on.

In Roman times, when they had the amphitheater where people battled lions and tigers, there were a lot of tigers available to capture. The ratio of lions to humans was a little more skewed in the lions favor. Also, the human technology to eradicate lions was not available, so humans were much more at their mercy.

People seem to loathe animals in favor of technology. Many people seem to argue that no one gets harmed when high technology companies battle each other. But that energy has to come from somewhere. Even if the tech is using electricity, most of that electricity still involves burning fossil fuels. We still haven’t figured out how to harness energy for our technology in an economical way. The closest we have come is heating up water with solar energy.

It’s hard to blame my fellow humans on this tech race for more and better tech. The governments are encouraging the people to get away from animals and focus more on tech. We are being brainwashed to rely on more tech because it’s an addiction that only the government has a cure for. People ask how can we live without technology today now that we’ve gotten such a strong taste of it? How did people live without it in the past?

The ratio of animals to humans has changed drastically. We no longer seem as interdependent on animals as we once were. There are just fewer varieties of animals available that are useful to the majority of us. So we put even more of our focus on the technology instead. This isn’t exactly a healthy distraction.


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