Internet in Kelso, Washington Is much to be desired.

the library offers quick upload/download speeds, but only for a PC. If you try to up/download anything on your mobile device, it is blocked.

I cannot play Hearthstone game at the library. It is blocked. This is very similar to Pacific City, Oregon. Everything else works, such as video play, but uploads, chat and games are blocked. I cannot post any messages on Reddit, for example. It is frustrating.

The mall Internet is very similar to the library too, except you have to watch a video every hour to get reconnected. The library also requires you to reconnect every hour.

The Safeway grocery store across the parking lot has an Internet connection that doesn’t even work. I will watch the circle spin for minutes and nothing else happens. I tried a couple times to get on the Safeway Internet and nothing. I have been to another Safeway where their Internet doesn’t work before. I can’t remember the city. But most Safeway Internets do work.

Across the I-5, at McDonald’s, they have the most reliable internet available. I can play the Hearthstone game at McDonalds. plus, there is also an electrical plug in as well, which is nice.

Overall, Kelso internet resources are not great.

bandicam 2015-07-09 18-42-17-920


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