Criminal Military Tactics were used against Walmart by Black Teens

Rampaging as a group inside a store is a coordinated blitzkrieg of criminal action used against businesses that is being practiced by black militant-like groups across the US. They create a riot that moves in quickly to achieve their goals of stealing what they can before an effective response can be mobilized against them. They disperse before the police can disperse them.

The most recent group activity looks to be the 50 black teens who stormed Walmart. But, it wasn’t too long ago that we also watched the Baltimore riots that involved the death of a black man as their call to action. They don’t need a rebel flag to signal their group action, they use events as a precursor to band together and create a tidal wave of destruction.

Even though the black people tend to be some of the poorest races in America, they have found ways to work around their low economic status. If they can’t fight to get rich directly by the path of the American Dream, they will take a different path to achieve their goals. They can be wily in their tactics.

The blacks interact on the same wavelength naturally. That is how they coordinate the group riots which net them a lot of store products they desire. You may not actually find one true leader amongst them, but instead a bunch of individuals who are thinking the same thing. They know their roles in society by instinct.


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