This Tick Removal Tool is Something I Wish that I Knew about alot Sooner

But, is there anything smaller that can reach fleas on cats? I have seen a few cats with fleas around their ears. I only know how to pick them off with tweezers, which is annoying. The Tick Twister makes the removal look a lot easier than using tweekzers.

My mom has a lot of pets that get a lot of ticks. Throughout all those years in Wisconsin, she has picked the ticks off by hand. I wonder if this little simple tool could have made her tick picking job easier.

Ticks are a huge problem in Wisconsin. They are everywhere. I once walked through the woods on a cold day in November and still managed to get a tick on me. I wonder if the tick was able to suck blood off me and drop off, could it avoid expanding further when the blood froze? Ticks aren’t very brilliant.

It’s like the ticks have no natural predators in Wisconsin and they only need to be able to survive the winters to come out in the Spring and reclaim the woods. Ticks control the ground. Mosquitoes and deer flies control the air, plus there is a nasty bug in the water that closed the beach in Rice Lake, Wisconsin years ago. Bugs control Wisconsin.

Small animals seem to be more in control of the woods in the Pacific Northwest. You don’t see so many bugs around. I barely even see ants. Ok, I’m done.


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