Not Every City Offers a Public Access View on their Mountains; Take Longview for example

Here is a city that is a bit self-serving. They may be somewhat generous to the poor, in that they don’t make it illegal to sleep in your car (like Seaside, Oregon) but they also don’t offer any bathrooms in their parks. Longview will accomodate the people with the wide roads and larger yards, but that makes for a lot of open space that seems to be mostly grass.

There are no dense wooded areas with any significant trails in the city, but there are wide expanses that are peppered with very large shade trees. You can see that trees were definitely a part of the city plan years ago by their massive sizes. I guess we can be thankful for the large trees.

The city is very active and lively and there is no where to hide, except for along the Cowlitz river. I did see some homeless camps a long the river. I don’t think those camps last very long, even though they seem somewhat isolated from the public. The river is very wide, probably over 60 feet across, so no one will easily see the camps on the other side of the river.

Why the only mountain in Longview is all privately owned doesn’t seem fair to me. I was looked at by the drivers as a bit of an oddball for being up there. I was also walking on a “private road” too. I can’t believe the city didn’t reserve any spots for the public to access and view the city.

The majority of cities will create some kind of public parking at the top of a hill or mountain for people to go up to and relax. I think most knowledgeable city planners reserve room for the public to enjoy the spectacular view of looking down from above. But something happened in Longview to cause them to decide on making their mountain strictly a private venture. I can’t believe it happened.

Walking up a steep hill to see the incredible views below is great incentive for the public to get a little healthier.  I see a lot of fat people in Longview, a larger proportion than in other cities too. I bet the restrictions on bathrooms and no public access to the mountain are some of the reasons why people are unhealthy in Longview.

The name Longview only applies to those who can afford that kind of a view. The rest of the people are left up with a shortview.

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