It’s Funny How Reddit has to Dance around the Race Issue while Youtube can Dive Right in

Reddit sucks! Let me be clear about that. They don’t care about how you express yourself in your true sense. They only care about what is in Reddits best interest, whatever that is seems to be a mystery. With Ellen Pao sinking the Reddit ship, I can only guess they are trying to cash in on Reddits failure.

Here is the Reddit link to their comments, which are all rose-colored reactions:

Here is the video and people talking about how they really feel on Youtube:

These websites that shame us for speaking our minds are a shame to the internet themselves. If people don’t like what other people have to say, then learn another language. The Mexicans do it all the time by only speaking Spanish in the US. Look how happy they are not having a clue what those alien English speakers are saying. It’s just babble to them.

Racism is real and it’s fun to talk about. Trying to take away the racism conversation is like trying to take candy from a baby. It may be easier but you rattle the hornets nest. How do you like them apples?


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