If You Test Positive for Fructose, then You Should go to Jail

This is the most dangerous sugar extract that is causing 90% of the obesity problems in the Nation. People are addicted to it and don’t know how to stop consuming it without intervention. So long as the government says and does nothing about the problem, we all suffer as a result:

The best method to stop the obesity epidemic is to put a stop to the manufacturers of this drug. But, also going after anyone who is abusing the sugar should also be fined and imprisoned as well. How is society still moving when we have addicts who can no longer move themselves around under their own power and are fully reliant on other people or machines? The system is not supposed to work like that. We can only absorb so many chemical addicts before economic collapse.

As long as you agree that the manufacture of sugar extracts is the problem then we can work towards a positive change in society. All those other drug problems pale in comparison to the effects that sugar addiction has caused.


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