Faces of Meth meets its match with Faces of Fat

Legally, they can show you the pictures of meth heads because they are police mug shot photos. All mug shots are public access for us to laugh at. The police have done an effective job compiling those people we are led to believe as being addicted to meth. They are certainly a sight for sore eyes:

bandicam 2015-07-08 06-32-03-361

But the obesity epidemic far surpasses the small problem of meth addiction in this nation. Yet, as of this date, there is no crime associated with anyone involved in the sugar extraction trade. More people have bloated up and wasted away to the addiction of sugar extracts than any other drug combined in this nation. More hospital visits occurred due to sugar extracts. More societal problems have resulted due to the effects of sugar extracts. Yet, no criminal complaints have been filed in response to the sugar epidemic:

bandicam 2015-07-08 06-36-23-647


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