You Never Get Trapped in the Stairs Like You Do the Elevator

Many, many people have died while taking the elevator. The same can’t be said for people who take the stairs. Not only is there a higher risk for accidents while using an elevator, you also lose out on the health benefits of taking the stairs as well. Maybe that is a kind of “poetic justice” for people who use the elevators. They risk sudden death as well as damage their health with laziness.

Many of the videos that come out of China of people dying and almost dying from an elevator is stagerring. The US seeks to protect the identities of the victims, so you don’t see as many. China has a little more open policy about ID protection, I think. At least, that are America’s number computer hacker, who love to steal identity.

I am at the Longview Public Library in Washington and people are forced to take the elevator because of the way the building is designed. You have to walk a considerable distance to get to the stairs if you want to reach the second floor. Most people seem to choose the elevator option instead.

There are actually 2 stairs available, but the librarians forbid people from using one set of stairs though. I was actually yelled at for using their private stairs. They don’t lock the stairs, just put an obscure sign that says, “don’t use stairs”. The elevator is right next to these forbidden stairs, so people assume the elevator is preferred over the stairs. This is unfortunate.

People actually get stuck in library elevators. i remember a couple years back in Rice Lake, WI when a fat librarian talked about how she was stuck in the elevator for a couple hours. I was at the library that day, but I would not have known unless she mentioned it. That must have been a terrible experience for her.The elevator was out of commission for a couple weeks after that until they could figure out what was wrong.

What breaks on stairs? Maybe a tile comes off? The railing could get a little loose? Somebody might slip and fall down the stairs? Not too many things can go wrong in a stairwell. There aren’t a lot of moving pieces, if any at all. They last much longer than an elevator and cost only a fraction of the value of an elevator.

Many people seem to love their elevators around here though. Kids will hop on one for fun. I see a lot of overweight and frail people using the elevators. i do pity them. I can understand that when I get sick, I will be tempted by using the elevator. But most of the time, I just slow down my movements to not overstrain myself instead and still find resolve to use the stairs.


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