Force the Thieves to Carry Tools around with them might be a deterrent

I had a bicycle seat stolen the other day and I now see how I made the crime so easy for them to pull off. My bicycle seat is a quick release set up. No tools are required to take my seat. So, anybody could quickly size up the job and figure out that all they need to do is swoop in when no ones looking and take my bicycle seat. They didn’t need to bring anything special. Plus, it looks like nothing happened when they switch my seat with another seat.

It’s nice to know that they were intimidated by the U-Lock. It’s not easy to break the U-Locks, plus the U-Lock is the easiest lock I have ever used. I can use it one-handed:

So, now I have to figure out what else I need to do to keep my bicycle better secured. I have to admit that the bicycle seat was the only upgrade that I did for the bicycle. I don’t really like my bicycle but felt that the best thing I could do to make it much more enjoyable to ride was getting a better seat. Unfortunately, my thief also noticed the better seat as well.


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