There are a lot of Successful People Who Should Jump in a Lake

I don’t envy most of these successful people in the world because they seem to value possessions I don’t care to have. I don’t care about a good 95% of the products sold in any discount store, like Walmart. Yet, somehow I should be trying to get myself excited about being able to buy more junk like every one else.

If people want to ground themselves to a property, like trees, then they should be rewarded for it. But why should I, in turn, be punished? The whole system is set up to encourage us to strive for an American Dream of owning everything. Everyone should own a pot to piss in. There must be more to life than burying ourselves in our possessions.

I really appreciate food alot. I don’t really own it for very long, which is great. I would hate to have to stare at it and ask what am I going to do with this food. The solution is already present: I eat it when I get hungry. All I really need is food to get through the day, and water. With food, I know I will use it when needed on a measured basis.

I don’t care to own too many possessions because many times they could sit in my car without being used at all. I have a foldable ruler from the early 1900s that I don’t even use. Why am I holding onto it? I don’t even need it. I could make just a little more room for other things instead.

Clothing seems important in the winter time mostly. When it gets cold enough, I need to layer up to sleep at night. I get a little scared, at times, of not having enough winter clothing to use for the cold nights. Everything I carry around in my car is the maximum amount of insulation I normally use. I don’t need anything fancy, just layers of insulation. I don’t even have a heater, just rely on body heat.

My biggest fear is getting sick in the bitter cold and fighting to stay warm outside. But, I have gotten through it many times in the past.


2 thoughts on “There are a lot of Successful People Who Should Jump in a Lake

    • I’m doing ok, thank you. I’m still a little steamed about my stolen bicycle, lack of woods, poor city design, broken mouse, boring internet, and poor diet though. But otherwise things are moving along.

      I haven’t looked at your blog in a while. Have you updated it recently?

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