On The Bicycle Ride to Kelso Library, Washington, I saw no shade trees

Kelso is a tough place to find shade trees. Heart of the timber industry without a doubt. When a city says they started out as a lumber town and you don’t see any large trees in the area, you better believe it. There used to be massive trees throughout the whole Pacific Northwest until lumbermen and pyromaniacs moved into the area. Just look between 7:17 and 8:19. You will see a log cabin that was made after a great fire erupted in Kelso. The man salvaged what he could in 1850.

White man burned up and screwed up a lot of forestry. Cannon Beach suffered a huge forest fire because a pioneer wanted to burn some brush, but he burned down the forest as well.

Here is an area of Kelso, Washington:

bandicam 2015-07-06 15-04-59-035

I don’t know where to protect my car from the sun in Kelso. I need to look around more and see.


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