Mexicans Speak English in Longview, WA unlike most other places

Many cities in Oregon and Washington have large groups of Mexicans who speak only Spanish. I don’t understand the language, so assume they want to be ignored by English speakers. It’s not like the Mexicans are a lower class -I wait in line at the Food Banks next to them. They make a conscious choice to speak how they want to speak.

I think many Mexican groups are defiant of English speakers. I believe they hate much of the American way, but something still encourages them to stay here. It’s possible they believe that Mexicans will grow larger and the Spanish language will, in turn, expand with them. But it doesn’t look like all Mesicans are on board with exclusively speaking Spanish.

It was a little refreshing to hear English being spoken by Mexicans at the Longview Food Bank the other day. Every other city I was in before that, including Mount Angel, Woodburn, Salem, Seaside, Tillamook and so on all had exclusively Mexican Spanish speaking cultures. What do they talk about? Only they know.

Is it up to me to learn Spanish? People have to extend their hand to show a willingness to work together. I have to admit that I don’t really care to learn anymore Spanish than I Know. I have found that I don’t like most of the Spanish speakers anyway. They think too differently from me, in general. They are entertained by different mediums of entertainment that seem annoying too.

Polka music seems to be largely a part of the Mexican Spanish language. Those sounds will blast from people’s cars as they drive down the streets. Many young Mexicans have turned their polka music up very loudly.mits annoying, but on the positive side, it has no bass. They only have treble up loudly.

This is just w theory, but I think the Mexicans with the smaller beady-looking black eyes tend to stick with Spanish. The Mexicans in Longview had larger pupils that touched each eye lid. I find larger pupils to look more attractive in eyes, than small pupils. Small pupil people look scared all the time. They look more like victims.

But, I’m wrong about small pupils, because I know a girl back in Wisconsin who has small pupils and spoke mostly English. But that is Wisconsin and things are a little different.


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