Poor People can make You Feel Trust until they turn around and steal from you.

While Watching, “Carts of Darkness” I thought it was interesting when the narrator said that the homeless people made him feel more a part of the city than he ever felt before. He hung out with some homeless people who raced carts down hills and collected bottles for money. But, those same people will still burglarize and rob you when you aren’t looking.

There is a psychology that people use to get you to trust them before they steal from you. They want to get you to let down your guard. It’s much easier to steal from you when you least expect it. It’s also more devastating. So, the lesson here is to never trust anyone. Or, at least, only trust certain interactions.

For example, you can trust that a homeless person is more likely to keep money you dropped on the ground than try to kill you and take your money. They are more likely to be scavengers who watch and wait. To scavenge has been in our human nature for a long time. Although, some poor people will cross the line and rob you sometimes. This is pretty rare though.

The fewer witnesses in a crime, the better the crime can be conducted. Homeless people know how to lurk in the shadows. They are like crows or seagulls. You may see one or two following you, but when you throw the bread on the ground, 20 pop out of no where and watch you even closer.

I don’t think it’s very wise for rich people to form friendships with homeless people. They operate on different levels in society. They build different kinds of life skills. One will rob you with interest bearing accounts and the other can take your bicycle seat: 


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