McDonalds Music will Drive You Crazy

i don’t know how the employees put up with this music. I believe a lot of McDonalds only play music from the 1950s. They play the music in about the years that McDonalds first started. I seriously doubt that this franchise was playing this music like this back then. 

It’s really annoying to have to listen to this music. I just sit here using the Internet. If I had to work here, I would want to turn off the music for some peace and quiet. This is punishment, especially early in the morning. The psychological warfare against people’s ears here is deafening.

What kind of mood are they trying to elicit? Have research studies proven that the 1950s music is the best kind of music to listen to while eating? Unlikely. This music is about drowning out conservationists more than anything. Also, they want to look somewhat hip to music, but don’t want to pay the high royalty fees of modern music.


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