Why aren’t baseball players allowed to choose any bat they want? Golf players can.

you would think the game could be more interesting if they chose specific bats for certain plays. It could be like golf where they decide which stick to use. There is a lot of variety in golf, and that is why people still enjoy watching it on TV. Baseball could make itself even more interesting by allowing as much variety as golf allows in their sticks.

The game wants to put so much emphasis on the athletic ability of players, that they have regulated the game to dullness. Sure, trying to make it faster might help with pitch clocks. But did golf speed up their games to increase their fan base? Unlikely, they chose to open up the game for more variety in its tools.

Who doesn’t like using different tools? Every different kind serves a unique purpose. The conversation that discusses reasoning for choosing certain tools is always interesting. Do we really have to repeatedly hear about the same kinds of techniques used in a swing? It all sounds the same to me, and I tried playing baseball a few times.

I think baseball has more of a fixation base than a fan base. Baseball is for the people who don’t like variety in their life and prefer routine. They want the stability of predictability in games. Any plays in a game that stand out or are unusual are talked about for years to come. How many times do we have to watch Reggie Sanders win the World Series with a homerun in 1972?

Perhaps baseball is happy with the way things are running. I’m not, but the majority of people like it, so majority rules. I don’t really watch sports at all anyway. Usually, when I hear about a new kind of game, I will be interested in watching it for a little bit. But when I understand it and see regular patterns develop, it becomes rather boring and I ignore it with all the other sports I ignore.


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