The Embarrassment of Ruby Ridge & Waco Standoffs can be avoided with Blackwater

or it could be any of the private security organizations. There are many of them but Blackwater is by far the biggest and most well-known. Call them “shell corporations” for the government, if you will. But we know the Feds want to avoid bad press for themselves, so they pass on the jobs to the highest bidder, or in Blackwaters case, the only bidder.

It sounds like a government transformation to me. When you can privatize and give a wide amount of control to a corporation, it takes over the government in its own way. The turn security into contract mercenaries, you have a new form of government growing. Any government can grow when they develop their own military to support them.

The Federal government has a bad reputation from previous encounters though. What else can they do? The public have a fixation of the FBI and CIA. We are fascinated with these holes and continue to stare down them expecting another major scandal to happen out of them. But, new holes are developing under different auspices.

Did you know that Blackwater has its own interrogation squad? We got angry with the government water boarding all the terrorists, but what about Blackwater? What are the other private mercenaries doing with people? They are killing them and interrogating people too. The private security companies are acting on behalf of the U.S. military, which really takes the heat off soldiers.

We love to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter on TV. He represents just of many private security firms in the US. He has found a way to profit and make a living through contracts, rather than have the government pay him a wage. But he is doing a lot of government work too. He is acting very similarly like a Federal agent, without the qualifications.

People are taking a lot of aspects of law into their own hands. The government seems to be a little hesitant about trying to crash into every crazy persons compound. So, that leaves private security groups, who work on contracts, to do the dirty work. They are making billions of dollars as mercenaries outside the U.S., particularly in Iraq. But the US has recently tapped its own oil reserves now. What are the chances that more mercenaries are hired to settle disputes for the government within our borders? I say pretty good.


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