I would rather bathe in shade than a lake to stay cool in the heat

as the temperature approaches 100 degrees here, in Longview, WA, all I can think about is where the shade will be throughout the day. I’m more concerned about the afternoon shade than the morning shade. As hot as it will be in the morning, it will be nothing compared to the afternoon. I need the shade for both my car and myself. Shade is a high-priced commodity in the climate. 

When it comes to water, I only want to be concerned with drinking it. It would be nice to have ice cold water, but I can live without really cold temps. Usually it’s tougher to find ice cold water for free any way. I’ve been pretty lucky at one of the cities Safeways though, because they offer a free ice machine at the front doors.

I can’t consider swimming, because it’s usually next to imposible to swim in the shade. I will just get burned while in the water. It’s happened before. Whenever I come up for air, the sun will burn my face. I can’t stay. Underwater forever. If I had hills, then swimming may not be so bad. How many fish get sunburned?

I need to dodge the sun Because that is the coolest place to be. Usually, I rely on trees along the outskirts of parking lots or even roads. I sometimes have a hard time judging where the sun will be in a few hours, and I have to adjust my car accordingly. I get so mad when I miscalculate where the sun will be. I need a compass, but all the magnets in my car throw it off.

When the temps can stay below 70, I don’t care about finding shade as much. It’s these times when the heat can kill a person. I watched a video of a dog dying on Liveleak inside a hot car, and it was really sad:



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