Cancer or Tumor on left cheek is more than a mass

i experience a lack of sensation and tightness around the left cheek that extends into the brain as well. While sitting on the computer, I felt it hard to concentrate as well and had a little extra fatigue -more than usual. It’s a strange feeling I’m not comfortable experiencing.

All these feelings are very suttle, but still noticeable. It may not be anything a doctor would diagnose, but I am my own best doctor anyway. I have to wonder if there is anything much that I can do. I feel like reducing my stress as much as possible. I actually parked in a Walmart parking lot and am facing the wall. I find a little comfort in just staring at the wall.

There has been a lot of stimulation along with all this heat. If I could spend some time trying to keep cool and staring at a wall for a while, that could be helpful.

When I’m under stress, I neglect my health. With the car problem, all I could focus on was figuring out the problem. Now that I know what the problem is and fixed it, I can get back to trying to fix my Cancer problem. Which herbs can help with this mass? Will it grow larger? Will it dull my face and make things even tighter in my jaw? I need to pay close attention to it and see.

I hate to see illness progress further without doing anything effective to counter the problem.


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