Removing the Rebel Flag from everywhere in the US is Reverse Psychology

It’s a beautiful design to represent white trash in a colorful way. The flag is free for anyone to enjoy looking at in any way they should please. If someone wanted to take it to the moon and plant it, that should be their right. The impact of the flag has a different meaning for us all.

In the north, we don’t deal with racism quite as much. So the flag is something more artistic to look at. But in the south, the flag is about standing your ground and letting out your white rebel yell against other races. As you move further into the Midwest, the flag can have more of a gray impact that is a little ambivalent. 

I can’t stop thinking that if you don’t like the black people, then move out of that area. Move north. Many fewer black people live in the north, for good reason. They don’t like colder temperatures, because it’s built into their genetics. Fighting black people in the south is a lost cause. Let the darker skinned people own the sunnier south. They handle it all better.

Climate has a lot to do with racism. Imagine if the entire earth was just one stable climate. What if the sun shined exactly the same way in every place, the temp was the same everywhere, the terrain was the same and so on. Everyone would look the same. Our genetics would have all been influenced by the same conditions and we would have adapted similarly.

But the earth has a lot of different kinds of climates that influenced humans over many generations. The regional differences changed people over time. It doesn’t take much of a climate change to effect our genetics either, just as much as it doesn’t take much of a diet change to cause change in our digestion.

I read somewhere that digestion can genetically  change in a few generations. What happens if we continue down the road of processed sugar being put in recipes? Our digestion will change and adapt to it. If this occurs, what happens when a structural change in society occurs and sugar is no longer extracted? Those who successfully changed their digestion for more sugar may die out sooner.

It’s the same with regions and the resources as well. Our bodies adapt to addictions over a few generations. If the culture decides to worship the sun instead of protect themselves from it, then their skin will darken over generations. The pale die out sooner. The climate and resources affect this change.



2 thoughts on “Removing the Rebel Flag from everywhere in the US is Reverse Psychology

    • Oh dear lord no! Maybe it is better they become illegal then. I was wrong until you put an awful picture in my head.

      Just kidding. I’m sure Thor finds you attractive in it.

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