Reddit can go to Hell. The posters are all ignorant wind bags

i can’t believe the amount of content this website generates. The canned comments from Jesse Jackson just reflect how much most people’s eyes glaze over when they start reading reddit comments. The Reddit commenters go on and on without making any real points. Reddit is more like Jesse Jackson than the want to admit.

I just go to Reddit for the news stories, but I don’t know why, because I can easily go to Google News for the same information. Also, if anything significant occurs on Reddit, I can get the facts from Gawker, because they are very intimate with Reddit.

I have been frustrated with Reddit interaction for years. I make one comment and am put on a waiting list for over 15 minutes before I can make another comment. I don’t understand how people can carry on conversation here. I don’t believe that Reddit wants to encourage conversations as much as simply up or down voting. The voting on news is probably more valuable to Reddit than actual discussion.

I have gotten more value on Craigslist discussion board until I got kicked off there. Reddit constricted my ability to comment a long time ago. Plus, even when I do say something, it’s hard to predict how the voting will go. I get surprised sometimes when my mean comments get a couple up votes while my nice comments get down voted. It all depends on who’s on at the time, I guess. Very unpredictable.


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