If Germans want to Relive Nazi Germany: Learn English and move to the USA

After reading up to page 200 in the book, “Blackwater” I can see the rise of a private security force is growing as a result of Iraq. Many of the assaults that the military and private security have been involved in are liken to Germany claiming lands beyond their borders.

We put so much focus on how Germany can become warlike again and try to spread their military campaign. But then we ignore the most powerful military in the world: the USA. American security has been invading many different countries since the end of WW2. We don’t need to be too concerned about Germany in comparison.

A few pages before page 200 is the assault on Fallujah. The Marines stepped in after an assault on an American compound in the city. They conducted a scatalogical warfare, where they play Rock and Roll music really loudly and yelled Arabic insults to the terrorists. Many Iraqis were slaughtered as an effort to weed out resistance. The Germans did this too during WW2.

Women and children became accidental victims in the assaults on cities. But the US rationalized that they were a part of the insurgency in the city. If you compare the rationale to WW2, the Germans believe they were killing the enemies of Germany as well, no matter if women and children were killed too.

Germany has had a bad reputation for starting 2 world wars. It lingers in their histories. Somehow, the U.S. Has been able to conduct wars that seem to go slide under the radar in comparison to the atrocities that Germany committed at the concentration camps. At least the U.S. doesn’t use concentration camps for the prisoners. We learned what bad press meant for Germany.

When the American military gets a bad reputation in Iraq, we pull troops out a little bit. In turn, private security, like Blackwater, take over many of their duties. They are not subject to the same military code of conduct either. If a German wanted to be a soldier and dominate other countries, they should consider Blackwater. It’s like the new age Nazi group.


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