How I rationalize wearing a wide brimmed hat in the sun

When I see all these drivers stare at me like I’m weird for wearing this hat, I think they are doing the same thing with their car roofs. They have mobile umbrellas they drive around all day. It’s not like what they are doing to protect themselves from the sun is any different.

I don’t see a problem with using an umbrella for the sun either. I’m white and my DNA damages every time a ray of sunshine hits me. My only protection against the sun is using barriers like the earth (at night time), clouds (even though they spread the light more) and shade. Carrying an umbrella or wearing a wide brim hat are great barriers against the sun. 

The problem with umbrellas is that they are cumbersome to carry around.if a bad wind comes through, they can be a challenge to deal with. But if you use the wind vented umbrellas it can be easier to handle:

I don’t know how a lot of lighter skinned people handle the sun without protection. Many seem to just accept the damage and get a little tanner. A lot of them on the Pacific Northwest say that the sun isn’t really out that much. They are right that the winters get more cloudy and rainy, but the summers still have brutal sun.

Many people may do much walking outside enough to need much protection anyway. I love to walk around a lot when the weather permits. Because I expose myself to the elements of the outdoors more than the average person, I need to invest in better protection for dealing with it.

Home dwellers who have cars probably enjoy a lot of sun barriers, especially when they spend a lot of comfortable time utilizing their resources. I don’t have that luxury. I will have to settle for using cheaper means to achieve similar sun barriers, such as the wide brimmed hat and umbrellas.

Too many cities have bulldozed and chopped down valuable shade trees to make way for parking lots and buildings. There used to be s time when people get all the shade they needed from the bountiful forests. Unfortunately, those forests are mostly gone and the few acres that do survive are hard to enjoy with laws coming in to prevent people from sitting on the ground now.

I believe my choice of dealing with the weather is the most economical for my lifestyle. I live very cheaply and leave a very small footprint.


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