Gas and Infections are the Top 2 Problems for my Heart

whenever I get gas that is stuck, I can feel it in my heart. It’s like a bubble that’s forms in my gut and pushes a little bit against my heart. Also, infections will make my heart struggle a lot more than usual. I believe the theme here is swelling and knowing how to best handle it quickly when it’s at its worst.

I don’t always handle my gas properly all the time. Because of that, I can suffer a lot of tightness in my gut and chest areas. It’s very uncomfortable and very preventable. But my habitual posture has me confined to certain movements that are not very heart friendly.

For example, I sit a lot at a chair while playing on my computer. Chairs are all that is available in the library. But if I wanted to change my posture, I am limited to standing or sitting in public. That’s it. The only acceptable movements in society now are standing and sitting. Laying down can earn you a fine in some cities.

If we are to be confined to very limited movements in public, then our health will suffer. Trying to get gas, that is trapped, to pass through is not effectively done by standing and sitting. You can pass better by being on all fours or even lying down on your side or stomach. How quickly would lying down get me kicked out of a library?

I have to sneak into the public restrooms to lie down or get on all fours to release trapped farts sometimes. If its a multiple male use bathroom, I need to use a toilet stall and be as quick as I can about it. Usually, I cannot get enough time in to stretch my stomach either. So, I am left up to suffering for a longer than normal period of time as my gut wrestles with the gas.

By lying down or getting on all fours, you can open up your chest and gut to better release gas. It’s like a yoga position. The gas needs your physical movement and stretches to help pass through more effectively. Just sitting will lead to further gas problems and a higher risk of circulatory trouble as a result.


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