Bridge Joining Longview and Rainier across the Columbia River is not a Pedestrian-Friendly Bridge

There were multiple times when cars whizzed very close by me at 40+ speeds. I don’t fear the lead car as much as the ones following closely behind them. One older driver veered to his right while following a lumber truck and I felt a close wind pass by me.

I had a very constricted space to serve as distance from the cars. They were passing by me dangerously close. I was fearful, but if I should die, please let it be a swift death.

This is no short bridge either. I think it might be a mile long. It probably took me 15 minutes to walk across it. I couldn’t bicycle most of it because it is very steep and my brakes are not that good. I have a cheap bicycle.

bandicam 2015-07-02 11-50-56-815


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