Adding sugar to recipes is cutting corners on Your Health

we all know that sugar is very addictive. But many of us deny that we over consume it. Moderation, right? Doubtful. There is no moderation in sugar extracts or any kind of extract at that. You either are consuming it and addicted or you found a way to avoid it and are completely clean.

It’s not traditional to add any sugar extracts into foods. Many recipes had naturally sweetened whole foods used instead of sugar extracts. But these recipes are largely ignored in favor of the commercial brands recipes. If you look at the history of recipes, you see that most of them have commercialized. They favor the product.

Many companies collaborate their products and recipes together. Their is called cross-promotional advertising. They may not share in each other profits, but they do benefit with cross promoting. For example, graham crackers and marshmallow make a recipe called, S’Mores. It works when the recipe has a recognizable name.

When we ask for a particular prepackaged food product, we are asking for the recipe of it. The manufacturers put their recipes together and sell it as is. We choose to accept the product as buyers if we want. Unfortunately, with enough kinds of tweaking on recipes, the companies can make crap taste addictive. Then they give it a name, like burrito.

What customers expect in recipes is a lot different than what they expected back 100 years ago. In fact, the recipes may have been more misleading 100 years ago, because they didn’t need to list everything quite as keenly. A lot of preservatives and dyes may have been overlooked, if they were used at all.

When Wonder Bread couldn’t get any buyers, they simply added more sugar extracts and increased their business. Sugar makes up for bad texture and baking processes. This helps keep their processing costs down. But the bread has little fiber, because they are so efficient. Our colons suffer the consequences from consuming this sugar addict bread.


2 thoughts on “Adding sugar to recipes is cutting corners on Your Health

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