UPS Started Charging a $5 Fee to Change Delivery Addresses in 2013

I was a little surprised that they charged a fee. But, I am also impressed by the improved customer service too. UPS was hard to talk to a few years ago. The Tracking was nice, but they lacked email responsiveness.

Jose M.: Hi, this is Jose M.. I’ll be happy to assist you.
Travis: The UPS tracking number is 1Z—146—-93—9
Jose M.: Just a moment while I look into that for you.
Travis: I need it shipped to The UPS tracking number is 1Z63X1460342938679
Travis: The UPS Store
1—— AVE
LO—IEW, WA 98632
Travis: Travis He–ze
Jose M.: Just a moment, please
Jose M.: Unfortunately, I am unable to change the pickup location. However, if you sign up for UPS My Choice, It might be   possible we can transfer the package to a UPS Store closer to you. To register is free and to transfer the package  has a fee of $5 per  package and some additional transportation charges may apply. I can start the pre-enrollment  process for you.
Travis: why can’t you change the pick up location?
Jose M.: I’m truly sorry that option isn’t available on our system. Will you be able to pickup the package at our main Customer Center facility and not the UPS Store?
Travis: what is the address?
Jose M.: Let me check on that.
Jose M.: We can hold the package for pickup starting 07/03 – 07/09. Our address and business hours are


Mon-Fri: 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Sat: Closed  Sundays and Holidays closed.

For security reasons, a government issued photo ID with a matching address is the recommended form of identification for pickup. If you agree, I need your last name and phone number to submit the request.
Travis: Nope, that won’t work, my car broke down
Travis: I can have it returned for free and I order it again all for the same cost
Travis: Why should I pay $5 to change addresses?
Jose M.: I understand your frustration. I’m truly sorry that we can’t have the package transferred to the UPS Store with no cost.
Jose M.: For your reference, we make one delivery attempt per day for three consecutive business days. If you miss the driver on the first attempt, we will leave a UPS InfoNotice number with an estimated timeframe for the next attempt. At that point, you can make other delivery arrangements on using your InfoNotice number. Will this meet your needs?
Travis: It’s going to the Postal Annex
Travis: I’m telling them not to accept it
Jose M.: May I know the reason why you’re telling them not to accept it?
Travis: its the wrong address
Jose M.: I see. In this case you can also contact the shipper to check what options they can provide to you to receive the package.
Travis: You are the shipper
Travis: I contacted you
Jose M.: I’m sorry if I didn’t explained myself well: we’re the carrier, the vendor is the shipper.
Travis: what does the tracking say? It’s in your hands
Travis: What is Overstock going to do now?
Jose M.: The status of the package states that’s in transit. Overstock may have the option to remotely change the delivery address, for example. I’m truly sorry that we don’t have that option.
Travis: I have the option to remotely change the delivery address
Travis: I’m not paying to do it
Travis: It’s free to send back
Travis: I can order it again at the same cost
Jose M.: Okay. I’m sorry that we’re not able to provide the option you were looking for without a charge.
Travis: I bet your supervisor could remove the charge
Jose M.: You will need to speak with my supervisor to check.
Travis: Let me ask your supervisor to remove the cost
Jose M.: I understand your request to speak with my supervisor. Please allow me a couple of minutes to review our transcript with them.
Jose M.: It will take a couple of minutes for my supervisor to take your chat. Are you able to hold for a few minutes?
Travis: yes
Jose M.: Thank you, just a few minutes please.
Jose M.: I will transfer you to my supervisor now. Do you have any other questions before I connect you?
Travis: no
Jose M.: For your convenience, my supervisor will be able to see our transcript. This way you don’t have to repeat yourself. Enjoy your day.
Travis: ok
Lester L.: Hi, this is Lester L.. I’ll be happy to assist you.
Jose M. has left the chat.
Lester L.: Thanks for your patience while I review your transcript. I’ll be with you in just a moment.
Travis: Can we be reasonable here?
Travis: I can have package sent back for free and ordered again at the same cost
Lester L.: Let me check on the information please. Just a moment.
Lester L.: Just a moment while I review your tracking information.
Travis: ok
Lester L.: Thank you very much for holding. I did check the information of your package and your request. Unfortunately I am not able to offer you to change this. The reason why is  because we received the request from the shipper to delivered to this address and we do have a contract with them to delivered the package to this address. If you would like to have the address change to a UPS store you will need to use My choice service and it will have a fee. Or you can contact your shipper and confirm if they can offer you to change the address for you.
Travis: You make the choice of having it sent back sound better
Lester L.: I am truly sorry. I understand you but those are the options that I have available. I truly do apologize.
Travis: what does the $5 cover?
Lester L.: That will cover the change of the address to the new location. If the address is too far away from the previous one and the package will need to travel to another city an additional fee may apply for transportation charges.
Lester L.: Would you like me to start the pre enroll?
Travis: so, the computer changes the address or a human?
Travis: and it includes gas and delivery time too?
Lester L.: In this case that will be through the computer.
Travis: what extra effort does the computer make to change the adress?
Lester L.: The system will let you know which is included and what is the total and why.
Travis: Is the system not forward with the information before a contract is signed?
Lester L.: Just a question. You said that the package is going to a Postalannex so is not going to your house. So unfortunately the only way that you will be able to change the address will be by contacting your shipper.
Travis: what is the difference?
Lester L.: Unfortunately My choice will only work with residential addresses and with your information.
Travis: Can I send packages to the UPS Store at all?
Lester L.: Some UPS Stores will have the option for you to have the package picked up with them. They are franchises and not all of them will accept packages for pick ups. My choice (for future reference) will show you which ones are available. Otherwise The UPS Store may refuse the delivery.
Lester L.: Do you have any other questions?
Travis: Just the ones above, but I see you pick and choose
Lester L.: I am sorry. If I have not answered all of your questions. Let me check which ones I am missing.
Lester L.: The gas maybe part of the payment. The system will show you that. The delivery time will be provided to you depending on the service level of the package. The computer does not need any extra effort to change the address that will be up to you to guide the computer to request the change. And would you be more specific on the questions about the system forwarding information before a contract is signed please.
Travis: I understand the $5 goes towards clicking through options that explain why there is a $5 fee and it might also include a gas fee too?
Lester L.: If the location is near to the address where the package is going to the $5 will be the only fee you will be paying and it will include everything. If gas fee is needed because of transportation to another location the system will let you know.
Travis: When did this fee start?
Lester L.: This service was started in 2013.

Lester L.: Do you have any other questions?
Travis: if money is so important to the system, do you think it’s cheaper to send package back and have resent or just address during delivery?
Travis: just change address
Lester L.: I am sorry but I cannot answer that question. That will be up to the shipper. I am sorry. I am not able to change the address for you. Please contact your shipper for further options.
Travis: the package is in your hands
Travis: Would Overstock have a MyChoice account?
Lester L.: Yes. But they do have a contract with us. The option to change the address has been restricted by the shipper. The My choice service is only for the receiver. They being the shipper will have other options. But for those options you need to contact them.
Travis: Do they get charged $5 to change the address of my package?
Lester L.: I am sorry. This will depend on the contract that they have with us. For that information please contact them.
Travis: How many different types of contracts do you offer?
Travis: Just 2 right?
Travis: business and personal
Lester L.: I am sorry. I do not have that information.
Travis: If I was a business, do you only offer MyChoice to businesses too?
Lester L.: I am sorry. My choice service is only for receivers in residential addresses. The shipper will have other options. And they may have the option to intercept the package.
Travis: no corporate MyChoice accounts available?
Travis: what is the other service for businesses?
Lester L.: There is no service like My Choice for Businesses.
Lester L.: There is no special service for business.
Travis: receivers in business addresses.
Lester L.: That will depend on the shipper what options they may have available. Or they may need to contact their shippers to change the address or other options.
Travis: Doesn’t the UPS Store have a service?
Lester L.: I am sorry. Would you be more specific on that question?


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