Fair Market Value Price for my Ford Focus 2004 is $3,621 from a Dealer

I wish I could get that much for it. But, the car is a little used and might smell from all my food and farting. Here is dealer and private party price:

bandicam 2015-07-01 10-40-54-152 bandicam 2015-07-01 10-42-13-677

I never got into an accident, so there is nothing that was pushed out of place. But the

  1. clutch plate is bad
  2. broken drivers seat
  3. key scratches on passenger door
  4. missing hatchback cover

Repairs may cost $1,000 in all, which is still less than the value of the car, so it might be worth it.

There are 95k miles on it.

I drive carefully most of the time. I never raced it.

Stick shift

I’m thinking about putting the car up on craigslist if I am unable to make repairs myself. I will have to give the buyer a discount so that they can make repairs.


2 thoughts on “Fair Market Value Price for my Ford Focus 2004 is $3,621 from a Dealer

    • My car just has a little hydraulics leak. I think it will last a while. I’m in Longview, WA and despite the heat, I really like the design and people in the city. There are a lot of redheads. Call me racist, but I prefer certain appearances in some groups of people over others. That’s not to say I hate other groups of people.

      I could never see redheads living in the desert, for example. Yet many do in Texas. I think those kinds of redheads as being less healthy and inferior.

      Climate has a lot to do with a persons attitude. Also, the magnetic influence in the area. Did you know some areas will throw off a compass and you have to factor that in? I think there is a unique energy in this city that may be due to a magnetic influence. I haven’t felt very stressed out even after the stress of my temporary car failure here.

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