Calling People is Too Much of a Phone Tag Game These Days

I use Google Voice, so I’m sure my ID comes up a little screwy. I don’t like calling people because they never seem to answer because they can see the screwy ID. People still enjoy calling each other though for some reason. You really need to know each other well to have positive ID to pick up the receiver end immendiately.

Most people seem to avoid answering calls right away because they don’t like telemarketers or are in trouble with creditors. All it takes is one bad experience answering the phone that will cause people to intentionally not answer it and let the caller go to their voice mail.

I don’t know how to explain my call on the voice mail. I haven’t answer a call myself in over a year. I usually shut down my iPhone4 to save on battery life. Besides that, I need to be within range of WiFi to be able to talk to someone over the app anyway. Usually, I’m at a library, where I don’t want a ringer or I can get shushed and kicked out by the librarians.

So, calling has turned into a game of tag for. I would rather type out a message or meet in person because of it. Unless if there is a better way, I don’t know of any at this time.


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