Riding the Clutch Caused My Car to Break Down at 95k Miles

I guess I did ride the clutch more than I should have with my 2004 Ford Focus. I didn’t know how bad it could get until it happened. I have always heard people say that riding the clutch was bad, but I didn’t understand how bad it can get. The repair is one of the biggest, most expensive jobs a mechanic has to perform on your car. They even have shops dedicated entirely to the Transmission because the job is so laborous and specialized.

But you can perform the job on your own if you have pretty good tools. Here one guy broke his clutch at 60k miles. He clearly rode his clutch too much:

Having a manual car may not be such an advantage after all. There is a lot more chance of human error that can cause more wear on a car than an automatic. The technology is improving to make automatics even better and eliminates human error.

Here is a break down of how a transmission works:

You want to avoid overusing the springs or placing too much pressure for too long on them. The tension can become a problem in the long term. Holding the clutch down will cause more wear on the clutch.


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