Instagram is not very Internet Friendly; I think they are anti-internet

If I wanted to search for Ford Focus on Instagram, I can’t do it on their website. I can’t see if anyone tagged any photos of the car at all. I know that I can search for stuff on an iphone, but that seems to be the only way. They block all navigation through any kind of website.

I guess by limiting the pictures to only mobile users, it’s harder for people to steal the images for themselves. I could easily use Bandicam for any images that I bring up on the internet. So many people put a lot of effort to block Ctrl+V from making copies of pics. But, they learned that doesn’t stop a savvy computer user.

Other people ruin pics by inserting water marks. But, many times we can photoshop those watermarks out anyway. So, watermarks are an eyesore, but people are still able to work with them. Some people have no problem with using watermarked images by themselves anyways.

I have to wonder though. Do people, who use watermarks, get much business from that kind of advertising? I don’t think they do.I can’t even remember any of the watermark names that i have seen in the past.

Instagram has been the topic of debate over how they use images on their server. People accuse them of selling images to advertising agencies to use. There is probably something free and open use in their terms of service somewhere. I should read that.


2 thoughts on “Instagram is not very Internet Friendly; I think they are anti-internet

  1. Ain’t it funny how the colors red, white, and blue represent freedom until they are flashing behind your car camp’in car.

    Whoever said nothing is impossible is a liar. You’ve been doing nothing for years!!!!

    Wanna Hear A Joke?
    Your Homeless Life!

    Man who scratches anus should not bite fingernails …..!!!!!…..but I’ll be you do!

    Ding Dong The Witch is Dead!

    • Tonia, you said Ding Dong the Witch is Dead when Joe Camon died. But when I mentioned that a few days later with you, somehow you forgot you said it.

      I’m a little concerned that you are talking under the influence of drugs and alcohol again. Do try and get sober. I can at least say that I’m sober still.

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