How to Throw Police Dogs off Your Trail with Black Pepper; What herbs change body odor

After watched a news reporter with an expert discuss techniques to throw dogs off their trail, I was a little discouraged by their techniques. They didn’t seem to apply the pepper right, because they used it only in its dry state. For example, when they applied the pepper to their sleeves, they were dry. But, if you think about it, the prisoners were probably sweaty instead from all their running. The pepper would have been more likely to soak into their clothes through the sweat.

I believe the reporter intentionally misconstrued the technique in order to discourage people from doing their own observations in odor detection. Why would they want to make the prisoners look smart? It’s more entertaining to portray them as bumbling buffoons who got really lucky in escaping for a while.

There are many different kinds of drugs, herbs and spices that can change your body odor. Some you put on your skin, while others can be ingested. You could cycle through a lot of them to keep changing your body odor too. It’s probably not a good idea to stick with only one way.

Garlic is said to change body odor. I read about how an older women would eat over 6 cloves each day and smelled different as a result. She was worried about high blood pressure or catching an infection. She went to the extreme in preventing her fears from becoming a reality.

I tried to eat a lot of garlic to change my body odor, but I find it difficult to do. It’s very hard on the stomach when eaten raw. You probably want to bake it just right in something like this:

Fenugreek is another herb that changes your body odor. Just read this ladies account of it

I have also consumed larger quantities of fenugreek and noticed a change in my body smell. It’s nice because it can cover up my homeless smell a little bit. I had some guy once ask me if I put on some kind of special cologne. I believe I ate fenugreek sprouts during that time.

Drugs will also change your body odor, but never in a good way. i wouldn’t mess with them at all. They are too extreme and dangerous from any kind of source. The furthest you should go for extracting phytochemicals is through water.

When police use pepper spray, it works best in liquid form. If they tried to powder you with the dry stuff, it would not be as effective.

Maybe mixing herbs in distilled spirits can help for absorption, but I wouldn’t recommend consuming that. You are better off putting it only on your skin at that point.


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