History of a degrading clutch on Ford Focus 2004; Signs it’s wearing out.

I may have noticed my car clutch going out months back when I couldn’t park comfortably on hills. I used to Be able to park on hills and never noticed the car experience movement. But then movement started to happen and I no longer felt safe parking on hills.

I would hear a little groaning and then after a while, the car might move an inch and then stop. It kept on wanting to move down on the hill and groaned a little. I could rock myself back and forth and experience even more groaning and slight movement. The steeper hills were even worse.

You could say that when I parked in gear that I was placing stress on the clutch. The clutch was what locked the car into place upon parking. I usually chose the reverse gear because that would give me the most room for my right knee so I could sit in my car and ponder life while parked.

My emergency brake went out a long time ago and I stopped relying on that early. In fact, I may even have driven with it on by accident a couple of times. There is no indicator to alert me when the emergency brake is on so its easier to forget about. It is only a secondary precaution brake.

Now I wonder if it would have been better to always find flat ground to park on to save wear on my clutch? I already look for the shady spots as best I can. But also it may be important to park on flat ground too. I can’t say that I parked on too many hills though. I don’t recall parking on hills a lot.

I noticed the slipping on hills as far back as McMinnville, Oregon. That was probably 6 months ago. But I didn’t know what the problem was exactly. I just remember parking on a hill and not feeling comfortable about the movement and groaning noise. That was when I decided to start parking more on flat ground to avoid the slipping.

This also has me question if whether engine breaking is too hard on the clutch. I would lower my gears sometimes instead of using the brakes to slow down. I don’t feel that I did it excessively. It never really seemed like I was damaging anything when I used the engine to slow down. Either way, I didn’t do it a lot though.


2 thoughts on “History of a degrading clutch on Ford Focus 2004; Signs it’s wearing out.

  1. You will now be able to ponder life on a park bench…in the hot hot sun! It sure is nice and cool here in WI:)

    Be not afraid.
    I go before you always.
    Come follow me, and
    I will give you rest.

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