Email Responses to My Car Not Being able to Shift Anymore; from mostly Portland area

Sounds like the clutch but starting in gear is a real safety issue I can’t travail to trouble shoot but do a google search of symptoms and you will likely find there are other owners with the same problem and it may be a recall

I want to f you car for my labor 1500 cah you pay for the parts

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Sounds like a clutch problem. text or call 503 449 6953 greg

I am an auto technician but i do not deal with transmissions/clutches. i am not trained quite well enough for that. but my advice would be to have the clutch checked/adjusted first. possibly bleed the clutch before you jump into shifters/whole tranny going bad. hope this helps.

my labor is 400  to come remove the transmission inspect  the parts
and put
the new parts Im pretty sure is the cluth but need to drive it
first or

clutch master cylinder is low?
put brake fluid in it and hope for the best

I live in Portland perhaps I can still help. did you check your hydraulic fluid or the cable for your clutch. Look under the motor for leaks. be sure the cable moves freely 

Will Kennet 503-780-2376

Look under ur hood. Look at your clutch master cylinder. Is it low? Does it
look wet as if it has been leaking?

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Your clutch is shot. 
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Clutch set is 200.   labor 300.  shops in delta park area. 503 449 6953 greg

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hi my name is chris. if its grinding into gear and the clutch is really mushy, it is likely your clutch master cylinder/ slave master cylinder. feel the carpet behind the clutch on the floor and see if you feel any mositure, if you do its the clutch master cylinder. If the transmission feels like its taking on a mind of its own its probably shot. I would not recommend putting a lot of money into fixing it, only if the transmission is cheap or it needs clutch/clutch master cylinder/slave master cylinder.  thanks Chris 360 601 2246

yes, you are correct. your clutch plate and/or throw bearing is compromised.  exhaust braking is not reccomended for this reason. when you park on a hill, your E-brake is manditory.  your clutch is secondary in case the e-brake fails.  You have been putting too much pressure and wear on your clutch.  this would create slipping. you should not have trouble putting it into gear, only trouble getting it to move forward or backward.  and the smell would be awefull.

I cannot open your transmission.  If it were the linkage or the cable, I could make adjustments or replace as needed.  I can also replace thos brakes of yours.

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Sounds like hydraulic leak to me [master cylinders are cheap plastic],,upper pedal area will prob show leakage.
Any fluid in reservoir?   Qualified ,affordable mechanic  Don 360 571-5483   9a-11pm

I explain problem a little here:



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